Trustees, Blantyre Synod v Banda (Land Cause 64 of 2017) [2018] MWHC 720 (21 May 2018)

Case summary

The matter dealt with an application for an order for the continuation of an interlocutory injunction arising from a dispute regarding encroachment onto the claimant’s land by the defendant.

The court considered whether it should grant an order for the continuation of the interlocutory injunction or discharge the interlocutory injunction. 

An interlocutory injunction is a temporary and exceptional remedy which is available before the rights of the parties have been finally determined. In any application for an interlocutory injunction, the court first needs to determine whether there is a serious issue to be tried. If not, the application fails in limine. In this case, it was clear from reading the sworn statements that the facts herein were in dispute and raised pertinent questions to be determined by the court at a full trial.

The court then considered whether damages would constitute an adequate remedy. It held that damages would have been an inadequate remedy in this application. 

It was the court’s view that the balance of convenience tilted in favour of allowing the continuation of the interlocutory injunction. 

Accordingly, continuation of interlocutory injunction granted.

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