About MalawiLII

Launched in 2009, the Malawi Legal Information Institute (MalawiLII) is an online resource that provides free access to the laws of Malawi. On MalawiLII you have access to electronic copies of:

  • The most current digital collection of Malawian caselaw from all courts of record in Malawi
  • The Laws of Malawi
  • A selection of Malawian legislation a selection of Malawi Government Gazettes

MalawiLII is hosted by the Gender and Justice Unit (GJU) a non-governmental organisation that hones in on legal empowerment as one of the most powerful catalysts of gender equality and social justice. Working with the support of AfricanLII and partners, the GJU sources, scans, digitizes and uploads all gazettes, gazette supplements, caselaw and other legal materials as made available by the state or other contributors.


AfricanLII is a part of the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit at the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa. AfricanLII helps individuals, organizations, and governments build and maintain sustainable free access to law portals, and reach the people of Africa and beyond.


Laws.Africa is a South Africa non-profit organisation that digitises African legal information for public use. Open access to digital African legal information helps communities to thrive, businesses to succeed, and judicial officers and civil servants to deliver services efficiently and effectively.

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