Malawi Government Gazette dated 2022-04-15 number 18

(Published by Authority)
& 3,656: Vol. LIX No. 18] Zomba, 15th April, 2022

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CONTENTS PAGE Licence No. Zone/Location Licensee Trade Name
Malawi Gaming Board—Notice +» 211-212
Chichiri— Blantyre Sogecoa & Casino Marina
OPC Change of Name—Notice i ed 08 212 Ranks
Holdings Ltd
Wide Area Progressive (Wap) Gaming Licence

Licence No, Zone/Location Licensee Trade Name
MGB/WAP/22/01 Various Sites in DBR WAP DBR WAP
Malawi International Intemational
Led Ltd
Public Notice MGB/WAP/22/02 Various Sites in Good Vision
1.0 Introduction
Malawi Investments Gaming

Gaming Machine Manufacturer Licence
The Malawi Gaming Board (MGB) is a body corporate established
under Section 3 of the Gaming Act, 1996 (the Act). The MGB was Licence No. Zone/Location Licensee Trade Name
established to enforce the law relating to the regulation of gaming; for the MGB/GMM/21/01 DBR WAP DBR WAP
control and licensing of gaming premises: for the imposition and recovery International International
of a tax on gaming and for all matters connected with and incidental to the Ltd Ltd
Gaming Machine Route Operator Licence
2.0 Licensing
Licence No. Zone/Location Licensee Trade Name
Licences issued under the Gaming Act have validity ranging from one MGB/ROUTE/22/01 Various Sites in American Mlombwa
year to ten years. The MGB has the power to issue the following Malawi Palace Ltd Offline
MGB/ROUTE/22/02 Various Sites in Mini Monte Mini Monte
(i) Casino Licences; Malawi Gaming Ltd Gaming
(ii) Gaming Machine Operators Licences; MGB/ROUTE/22/03 Various Sites in Highlands Highlands
(iii) Gaming Machine Site Licences; Malawi Leisure Leisure
(iv) Bingo operator licences;
Gaming Machine Site Licence
(v) Junket agent licences;
Licence No. Zone/Location Licensee Trade Name
(vi) Manufacturer licences;
MGB/GMS/22/01 Bwandilo - American American
(vit) Maintenance licences; Lilongwe Palace Ltd Palace
(viii) Supplier licences; MGB/GMS/22/02 Mlombwa -
(ix) Wide Area Progressive (WAP) gaming licences; Mzuzu
MGB/GMS/22/03 Mkango Lodge —
{x) Any other licences as determined by the Board. Blantyre

3.0 List of Licensed Operators fer the Period April 2022 to MGB/GMS/22/04 Ginnery Comer- China Da China Da
March 2023
MGB/GMS/22/05 Game Complex- Destiny Destiny
As per the specific provisions of Section 3 (12) of the Gaming Act, the Lilongwe Gaming Gaming
MGB is publishing all the permits issued under the Act. The following MGB/GMS/22/06 Capital City
operators hold valid licences and permits for the period April 2022 to Motel- Lilongwe
March 2023— MGB/GMS/22/07 Country Lodge —
MGB/GMS/22/08 ‘Glalle Gardens -
Casino Licence
Licence No. Zone/Location Licensee Trade Name MGB/GMS/22/09 Legacy Suites —
MGB/CL/03/07/16 Area 4-Lilongwe American Lilongwe
Pirates Casino
MGB/GMS/22/10 Area 10 Pacific —
Palace Ltd
MGB/CL/O1/19 Amaryllis Hotel- Highlands Colony MGB/GMS/22/11 Phekani House - Impala Gaming Impala
Blantyre Leisure Club Casino Blantyre Ltd Gaming
MGB/MC/CL/02/16 City Centre- Sogecoa & Casino Marina MGB/GMS/22/12 Sunbird Mzuzu JP Autotronix JP Autotronix
Lilongwe Ranks Hote! - Mzuzu
MGB/GMS/21/14 Gold Card Kwayera Kwayera
Holdings Ltd
Executive Lodge- Investment